Update February 23, 2015

Once again I am updating software and attempting to figure out what I want to use a blog for, if anything.    Most of the blogs I seen are self-aggrandizing,  I would prefer not to go there.   I would hope that this blog would be informational, interesting, and entertaining.    I will eventually Allow people to create their own accounts, these accounts will have to be turned on/approved by me.  Some years ago, anyone could sign in and create an account.   I provided several thousand Russian hackers with a great amount of entertainment trying to break in.   Ultimately someone did get in and embedded close to 6000 text ads and the necessary software to distribute them in mass.   There was a security hole in the CMS software  I used for my sites.     I found I had been hacked, when I started getting e-mail ads  for sex sites  sent from my e-mail address.

It is amazing how much you forget eleven years.    I am having to relearn this old software packages over again.    I think my Joomla (CMS package) is so old I will have to upgrade it in a couple of stages.

I also have it set up to require approval for a post before it can be made public.   This is done simply to prevent some of those people without integrity or a sense of propriety  from making bad decisions.

You can disagree with the person’s opinion, you can even dislike the person but you cannot threaten them or attack them.   I do not want to create a hostile environment.   If I can create  an environment in which people both pro and con can coexist without resorting to threats that would be a good thing.

I do not like is political correctness,  Political correctness limits exchange of ideas and censors knowledge.   People can  politically incorrect in a gentle way.


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