I am a retired computer geek.  I ended up a senior corporate manage  but was to much of a humanitarian to survive long.  I liked the big bucks but did not like selling my soul for them.   Besides I was over 55 year old, the age that you start knowing to much, seeing to much, and costing to much.  As my boss told me “we can replace you with three people from India for half of what you are getting.” and they did actually Canada’s.

This blog has existed for several years.  but did have not have any  purpose,  it dose now.  To help save wildlife with special attention to predators and protect the environment from the mindless and greedy so that our grand kids can look forward to a full and healthy life.   It has become apparent that the only way humanity will survive is to  maintain a healthy bio-sphere environment.   Hopefully this blog will help educate people to how badly they are being used by the ruling class i.e.  Those people that manipulate our lives and the environment for personal gain.

I would classify myself as an activist, environmental and political. I believe in the perfect world theory.   Which is if we quite killing, maiming and robing each other and worked together showing each other respect we might have a chance.  I have also been accused of being a 21 century  Don Quixote tilting windmills and trying to rescue Dulcinea  Del Toboso

Keep in mind that the health of the environment and wildlife is a matter of life and death not a political game.

To destroy the environment and wildlife will cause our  own extinction.

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