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I am setting up this blog for people to interact in a more or less civilized manner.  currently if you want to comment you will need and account.   I will set up accounts for those that ask actually you will request and I will approve. When I first built this blog I had every hacker in russia  setting up accounts,  what they were trying to do ws break into the server and they did. The blog is displayed publicly.

The advantage over social site is we do not always want to be social or be limited to 400

basic user can post comments – comments are reviewed before posting.

basic plus user can  post comments directly to posts

Advanced user can post directly to the various categories and receive comments.

Advanced plus can post articles media and links and receiver comments.

once you have established yourself

rude obnoxious comments or posts will get you banned for life. rude obnoxious means personal attacks on commentators or posters.  I do not care about personal writing style or choice of words.  Just terrorizing other account holders.

If you are from outside the USA you may have to email me for access.   I have many countries blocked because of their bad habits on the web.  Some countries are on my white list  because I know people their.


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